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Can Young People Take Part In Politics?

We’re seeing a big change in how young people like you and me get involved in politics. It used to be that politics was something older people did, and young folks weren’t a part of it. But now, things are different. Young people are speaking up, getting involved, and making a real political impact.

In what way can young people take part in politics?

Young people can participate in politics in various ways, and their involvement is essential for a vibrant and inclusive democracy. Here are several ways young people can participate in politics:


One of the most fundamental ways to get involved is by registering to vote and participating in elections. Voting allows young people to have a say in choosing leaders and policies that align with their values.

Political Activism

Joining or starting political activist groups or movements allows young people to advocate for specific causes or policy changes. Protests, rallies, and advocacy campaigns can draw attention to important issues.

Community Organizing

Getting involved in community organizations and grassroots initiatives can be impactful. Young people can work on local issues, such as improving schools, addressing environmental concerns, or advocating for social justice.

political activism

Running for Office

Some young people choose to run for political office themselves. It includes local, state, or national positions, where they can directly influence policies and decisions.

Joining Youth Councils

Many communities have youth advisory councils or boards that provide input to local government. Joining such councils offers young people a chance to be part of decision-making processes.

Social Media and Digital Advocacy

The digital age offers various platforms for young people to express their views and advocate for change. Social media, blogs, and online petitions can be powerful tools for spreading awareness and mobilizing support.

Attending Town Hall Meetings

Participating in town hall meetings and public forums allows young people to engage directly with elected officials, ask questions, and express concerns.

Internships and Fellowships

Seeking internships or fellowships with government offices, nonprofits, or advocacy organizations can provide hands-on experience in politics and policy.

Each of these avenues offers a unique way for young people to engage in politics, contribute to their communities, and help shape the future of their nations.